Antelope Users Group Contributed Code Repository

Git mirror of CVS contributed-code repository

Antelope contributed source-code is available for anonymous read-only access via Github, which uses the Git Distributed Version Control System. One way to download the source, presuming you have Git installed on your system, is to run the command:

% git clone git://github.com/antelopeusersgroup/antelope_contrib.git contrib

Alternatively, see the tutorials available on the associated Wiki.

The source-code tree is browsable on the web via http://github.com/antelopeusersgroup/antelope_contrib/tree/master

Binaries and Compiled Libraries

Binaries are currently compiled and available on the Antelope CD-ROM distributions from Boulder Real-Time Technologies, Inc. (BRTT)

Source Code

Source code is currently available under the terms specified here


Contributions to the Antelope software base are currently through arrangement with Gary Pavlis. All contributed software is managed with Git, housed at www.github.com/antelopeusersgroup/antelope_contrib. For more information on contributing software of general interest to be used with Antelope, contact pavlis@indiana.edu