Antelope (TM) is a software package for real-time seismic network data acquisition and processing. It is a commercial software package with roots in the academic seismology community. Boulder Real Time Technology (BRTT) is the commercial vendor for the package. The Antelope User's Group is a community of scientists who are using Antelope for real-time data acquisition and/or processing. The organizers of the Antelope User's Group are not employees of BRTT, Inc., but rather are end-users of Antelope software.

Antelope source code contributors worldwide

Some members of the AUG are actively developing new software modules that utilize Antelope as a framework. We exchange updates through a 'git' distribution system that allows developers at different institutions to exchange source code in a way that reduces version skew problems. If you are developing software for Antelope and wish to become actively involved in this exchange, contact the AUG web master listed below. For those who simply want the most recent versions of the contributed software library, see the following tutorial.

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